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the most again shl year for iraq since america invaded the country. there is pivotal elections were set to start them on a new course. some 65,000 soldiers are planning to withdraw. that is more than half the number of the boots on the ground right now. and move on to other america's controversial affair, that in afghanistan. it would be 60 days after elections are held that the first troops would exit the country. but now the plan seems to be looser. it depends on what happens inside this chamber. parliament will be expanded in the elections. there are those that don't like they will retaliate with all too familiar reaction. violence left thousands of citizens dead in 2009. u.s. forces are prepared for more post election but the question remains whether the iraqis trained are ready to do the job on their own, especially when america is so set to o taking troops out next year. president obama is determined to 2000 but equally rest luit, progress is a sign of democracy. 2010 will very much a year of wait and see. >> kelly: thanks for that report. next hour we will focus on the future sta
or what? [applause] he also told us that our department would be leading the way in changing america's. we're doing just that. it is an inspiration to walk in here every day and work with all of you on the issues that are so important to all americans. it is an inspiration and honor every day to work for secretary salazar and serve the president. thank you mr. secretary for the opportunity to be here with you. [applause] >> thank you, laura. we have had a great 2009 and we are fired up and ready to go for 2010. i am fired up. are you? [applause] come on. [applause] our work truly has just begun. i want to say at the outset that it would not have battled been possible to do the great things we did in 2009 -- it would not have been at all possible to do the greatÑi things we did in 209 without the people in the department of the interior. i said i would not run for the governorship of colorado because i wanted to be with you. [cheers and applause] this department, as the custodian of america's natural resources, as the custodian of america's history, really does so much for the 300 million
> making >>> making news in america this morning. >>> toyota's troubles reach a global scale, now new pressure on the automaker to fix problems and address frustrated customers. >>> and tough questions about the iraq war aimed at britain's former prime minister, today's testimony and potential impact on the u.s. >>> and storm warnings posted in 17 states as agony turns into snowstorms. >> it's friday, january 29th, 2010. >>> good morning. happy friday to you. toyota's historic recall is now a global problem. the automaker is losing millions of dollars and market share and it's longtime reputation for quality. >> now japanese leaders are demanding action. viviana hurtado joins us from washington. >>> the japanese trade minister called the scale of the recall huge and it's expected to grow. as it grows, japan called on the world's largest auto make tore regain the confidence. amid reports that toyota had received complaints of runaway cars for years. the indiana pedal supplier said toyota told it this part was not responsible for any of the serious accidents or deaths linked to runa
takes the title of one of america's worst commutes. 9 news now digital correspondent kristin fisher is outside live feeling some of the pain. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. this is not good news for all of you commuters out there, but you already knew that, right. the capital beltway has been named the third most congested freeway in the entire country and the biggest bottleneck is the inner loop here at 295 in oxon hill. this is all according to a brand new study that was compiled by the website, the daily beast and a company called inrix. they used gps data from truck drivers across the country to calculate the pace of traffic. here's what they found. check this out. the number one most congested freeway in america is the hollywood freeway in los angeles. no surprise there. coming in at number two is the lunalilo freeway in honolulu, hawaii and that's one i never guessed and capital beltway clocks in at number three. the study shows the capital beltway is backed up, get this, 194 hours every week. after the biggest bottleneck where we are now, the inner
on thanksgiving day. a tip to "america's most wanted" helped crack the case. >>> and shark tale. the story is not just scaring swimmers. it's sparking a movement to save the beasts in the deep. dan harris jumps in the tank. ♪ please don't let me be misunderstood ♪ >>> good morning, america. kate snow here. welcoming dan harris here once again. bill is on assignment. >> you made me jump in a shark tank. >> the newbies have to jump in the tank. >> it's sunday, january 3, 2010. >> this morning, we're taking a hard look at the country of yemen. yemen is promising to crack down on al qaeda and the u.s. is promising to send more aid to help them in their efforts. >> we'll talk about why a lot of people see this country as a true hornets' nest. >>> meanwhile, here at home, people are very tense about the economy. pick up the paper, it's hard to figure out whether to expect things to get better or worse in the new year. will there be more jobs? will the housing market get better? some clear answers to the best of our ability coming up. >>> high-tech, cool gadgets on the way. we have got a firs
here, it's not in my backyard type thing, it's i don't want these terrorists here anywhere in america and neither do the majority of the american people and to disdwight this or to say it's a jobs program is ridiculous. >> joe, what do you say to people who say, gitmo, as long as it exists, it's making the lives to become terrorists even longer. ice a bad poster for what america stands for. what's your answer to that? >> my answer to that is that where better than gitmo to put these terrorists? and to bring them to the united states is ridiculous. gitmo, the people there are trained to handle these situations. i talk to a gold star mother who visited gitmo. that plays is a professional, state of the art facility, and they are trained to deal with these terrorists, and that's where they belong. to bring them out to thompson, illinois, or to nips in america and have us learn how to do it, is ridiculous and it's -- go ahead. >> i was just going to say, are you going to go to the hearing today? can the average constituent in the state of illinois make any difference today by showing up at
of america's pre-9/11 mentality, former clinton adviser, fox news contributor, dick morris is here, happy new year. >> thank you. sean the us is tell worked? >> oh god, no. we had all the evidence in the world in guy was a terrorist. when the guy's father who is a distinguished person in nigeria, tells you his son is gonna blow up a plane and is in yemen now and they already have him on a list of half a million people. the only reason he's not on the list of 4,000 people, the no-fly list they restricted the size of the list and cut it back because of privacy concerns. >> sean: the number one job of the president is to keep the country safe. it is not to vacation in hawaii. not to pass health care. here's my question: examine and analyze his handling from a to z in this case? >> everybody is missing the key point here. they are saying the cia, fbi should have shared information, he should have been put on list and obama called it a systemic failure. that's not what it is. it is the result of a political reeducation this administration has taken the intelligence community through that says, don
to shine. we'll introduce you to the marching band that broke the mold. >>> good morning, america. bill weir off this morning. happy to have dan harris here for the first weekend of the new year. >> happy to be here. thank you. good morning. it is saturday, january 2nd, 2010 or 2010. >> yeah. i'm not sure what we're supposed to say -- i'm going with 2010. >> wow. we have a fight already. >>> the president preparing for a crucial meeting of his intelligence chiefs when he returns to washington this week. he had really hoped to start this year, 2010, focusing on health care and the economy but those issues now on the back burner. his weekly address this morning and in that he provides new details about the plot to bomb flight 253 on christmas day. >>> also, we have a sports schedule to tell you about this morning that does not involve tiger woods. the nba and washington, d.c., police are investigating a report that two members of the washington wizards basketball team drew guns on one another in the team's locker room during an argument over gambling debts. we're going to take a look at w
that they are trying to use the bully pull pit of america to force the other countries into forcing the airlines into having more enhanced screenings. the pilot authority, as you said, is going to be highly discretionary as to what goes on in the cabin. and of course, the obama administration must have known about all of these and they are trying to keep people calm. and then the response and what are you hearing, if anything, about the handling and the timing? >> look, these changes wouldn't have gone into ee fikt without the white house saying putting them in effect. this hases to do with security, no question about that they didn't react quick enough. at this point, i think we've seen the president come up, he's used very strong language. and mark and lynn, thank you very much. increasingly there is a concern for the united states and the west. >>> the u.s. government closed the embassy siting the possibility of terrorist violence. president obama is insistent for homeland security and counterterrorism. >> i spoke with the ambassador and both this morning as well as last night, there are indi
. that means full body patdowns and searches of carry-on luggage before boarding airlines for america, countries that are considered state sponsors of terrorism, as well as countries of interest. that's what we're talking about here, the the tsa announcing in a written statement, quote, the directive also increasings the use of enhanced screening technologies and random screening for passengers on u.s.-bound international flights. now, in countries where there is more advanced screening of equipment, passengers and passports from nations that are those state sponsors of terrorism or those countries of interest will go through the full body scanners that we have been hearing about, places like the u.k. and amsterdam. >> laura, what has been the reaction from security? experts, as well as civil rights groups, and i ask that because i do understand the american discrimination committee is already speaking out about this. >> that's right. and we're going to be hearing a lot more from them today as you can imagine, and as well as other civil rights groups. they are calling these measures e
. it will remain that we take revenge for his death inside and outside america. it is a trust for every person who left everything for the sake of god whom he supported. >> stus spekt appeared in strid oh with a new leader of the pakistani branch. the suspect is sack cuesed of blowing himself up at a cia base in afghanistan on december 30th. >>> you will be slifrg a while longer before warmer air brings relief from the bone-chilling temperatures we're seeing. the deadly winter freeze will keep a tight grip on many parts of the country this weekend. take a look at how treacherous icy roads got in the atlanta area causing many accidents. it is expected to dip in the 20s in the sooet. warnings are posted because windchills could drop as low as 25 below zero. at least nine deaths are blamed on the winter storm. >>> in central nebraska pretty rough. livestock farmers are battling against windchills of 30 below or more. struck to tractors are getting stuck. there is nowhere for the cattle to go. that means farmers must brave the cold to feed them so the animals will survive. >> we've been plowing out th
on "good morning america." >>> and here's your wednesday weather. up to a foot of snow in the sierras, cascades and rocky mountains. rain from los angeles and san francisco to portland and seattle. the rest of the country is dry, with the exception of south texas where there will be rain from corpus christtoi brownsville. >> not as cold for most of the midwest with temperatures climbing into the 30s. 29 in boston. 35 in new york and 48 in atlanta. boise gets up to 44. and salt lake city 36. >>> and we'll have more news coming up. assistance getting around their homes. there is a medicare benefit that may qualify you for a new power chair or scooter at little to no cost to you. stay tuned for this important medicare benefit information and free scooter guarantee. imagine... one scooter or power chair that could improve your may title you to pay little to nothing to own it. one company that can make it all happen ... your power chair will be paid in full the scooter store. why should you call the scooter store today? because their mobility experts are also medicare experts. and that mea
>>> good morni >>> good morning, america, on this friday, january 1st. happy new year. this morning, it's official 2010 we look ahead to the economy to the president's second year in office. plus, where you can find jobs in 2010. and all the hot new trends, we'll tell what you everyone will be wearing, eating and even doing as we welcome in 2010. >>> good morning, america, i'm sam champion with kate snow and david muir. we hope you and your family had a happy and safe new year's eve. there's no doubt outside of those windows there was a few crazies. >> hundreds of thousands packing in times square to see the ball drop. here's a little trivia for you this morning. did you know at that first ball to drop 1904 had 100 light bulbs? >> really. >> just 100. this year, they tell us 32,000. >> it sounded like a lot. >>> okay. so it's 2010 now. what does this new year hold? this year, we get into all of it, starting with the economy. 2009 such a rough year for so many people. will 2010 be better? we have the dream team for that. >>> and a look at what to expect to politics ahead. and the war
explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> glor: i'm jeff glor. also tonight, the new front in the war on mirk. security camera video captures the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old just months after the killing of another student from the same chicago high school. and whale mystery-- why are these giants of the deep massing off california in greater numbers than ever before? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: good evening. the president today clearly laid the blame for the foiled christmas day airline bombing attempt on al qaeda militants in yemen, and he said the u.s. is stepping up aid to yemen's embattled government. also, cbs news has learned the u.s. is playing a more direct role in yemen's anti-terror war than previously acknowledged. more on that shortly, but first we begin our coverage this even with our chief white house correspondent chip reid who is traveling with the president in hawaii. chip, good evening. >> reporter: well, good evening, jeff. the president did not mince words. for the first time, h
immediately. jobs here in america. we think that's very important. it also tries to help states so they're not laying off teachers and policemen and firemen. we think that's very important as well. let me say something. i did a little -- i get a little confused, and perhaps these facts are not well-known to you, but i thought i'd remind you of these facts. we pursued an economic program that your party put forward from 2001, 2003 on for eight years. now, while the people gave us the majority in the house and senate in 2006, obviously president bush threatened to or did in fact veto any changes that we made in economic policy . that economic policy, which you were a very strong supporter of and your party was a very strong supporter of, you continue to mention jobs. so i want to make sure you know these statistics. in the last three months of the brucks under the economic poll -- bush administration under the economic policies that not only did you pursue then but you still want to pursue because in fact the proposals that you have made essentially mirror the proposals that were made in
headed for america. >> julie: ahead, more on the attempt connection to yemen and what that country is doing to hunt down extremists. plus, it was the year of bernie madoff. >> everybody in my life has been demolished. >> a loss of investor confidence. >> your warranty will be safe. it will be safer than it's ever been. >> julie: bail-out for the auto industry. tonight, some of the biggest financial stories of 2009 and their impact on the year ahead and your wallet. but we start with the latest from president obama, who for the very first time is directly linking al-qaeda to the failed christmas day attack on a u.s. airliner. in his weekly address, the president said it appears 23-year-old umar farouk abdulmutallab was trained and armed by an al-qaeda affiliate in yemen. abdulmutallab is now in federal custody as you know, after he boarded a northwest airline flight in amsterdam, armed with powerful explosives, capable of bringing the plane down, though they failed to ignite. president obama today promising to track down all those responsible for the plot and also defending his admi
to the return of america's preseptember 11th mentality is aup former clinton advisor his web site dick morris.com. happy new year. >> thank you. >> this system worked?. >> no. no. we had all of the evidence in the world that this guy was a terrorist. we, i mean when the guy's father who is a distinguished person in nigeria tells you his son is going blow up a airplane and is yemen now and they have him on a list with half a million people. only reason he's not on a list of 4,000 people, a no fly list is that they cut the list back because of people's privacy concern concern autos let's examine. number one job of the president is keep the country safe. not to vacation in hawaii in the to pass health care. here is the qe. examine and analyze his handling from a to x in this case. >> everybody is missing a key point saying cia should have shared information. and they should have been put on the list and so on. and obama called it a systemic failure that. is not what it. it's the result of a political reeducation. taken the intelligence community through saying don't profile. don't stick your nec
, you can open the. if you pictured a man, then you are like over 90 percent of people in america who automatically respond is think later, think man. this was the result of three different studies done by catalyst, in which they discovered that americans default setting on leadership is male. and at any time a woman acts in ways that are a little more assertive, a little more demanding in the business world, she's considered an unnatural leader because she's a woman. but if she tries to be more collaborative, if she tries to be softer and gentler, well, forget it. she's too wishy-washy to be a leader. it's a real real double-blind. and we see the same thing in the arts. we see it in dance, we see in music. in fact, a woman architect said you know, i'm beginning to think that something like the bermuda triangle of that is happening to my coworkers. there were plenty of them in the pipeline, and from the 1970s there shortly said the. but they disappear when it comes to hire positions. there's so much discrimination against mothers in the workplace that it's actually even earned its own
thank you for being here. from new york, good night america. [ applause ] >> julie: welcome i'm julie banderas. >> gregg: and i'm gregg gator. a show of force and a hail of bullets. [ gun shots ] >> gregg: that is anti-terror training in the hills of vienna. elite military unit is prepares to open a new front among the al-qaeda forces that live amongst them. we're going to take a close look what america has to do to track down the killers overseas and keep our homeland safe. >> to work with this... and i told them everything. and we arrange together this attack. >> julie: a chilling message of revenge from beyond the grave. the man in the video you just saw, the suspected homicide bomber that killed seven c.i.a. employees on december 30th. he apparently sitting next to the new pakistani taliban leader. it surfaces on an arabic station. he was iranian doctor that was recruited. he was supposed to be a double agent hired to infiltrate the upper levels of al-qaeda. instead he was playing for with the other side. caroline shively has this report. >> reporter: in just released tape
numbers down. >> people in america are very tired of the idea that people can text and drive. >> they are more likely to get into a crash while texting and just driving. >> they wonder if laws restricting cell phone use actually effect drivers behind the wheel. >> interest is in line to become the next state to legalize marijuana. people with cancer, aids, and multiple sclerosis could buy up to 2 ounces a month. the o'malley administration says the census bureau will help create some jobs in the area. the census form will be mailed out in march. >> time to get to one of your answers to our watercooler question of the day. >> we ask about your thought on the pensions. >> one person says convicted criminals do not deserve pensions. they should have to pay restitution for the money put out to bring them to justice. keep emailing your answers. we will post all of them on the front page of our web site. >> here is a look ahead to the next hour of 11 news today. >pregnant women have to be careful about what they eat and what they put on their skin. >> back to the slots debate. >> a
assistance we're providing is absolutely essential. we need this connection between yemen and america and the brits if we're going to contain the threat. the good thing about what john brennan said this morning, it appears we're all on the same page. we recognize the threat. we're committed to enhancing the intelligence capabilities. and our offensive capability to deal with this. the pressing issue coming up over the next few months is how do we deal with americans who have joined al qaeda and are now part of the machine that wants to attack the united states? >> home grown terrorists. you raised several issues there. let me stay on yemen for a moment. last week, senator, you said that yemen could turn into tomorrow's war. expand on that a little bit. how hot a war are you talking about? do you foresee american forces? would you call for american forces? >> let me explain the comment. senator collins and i were in yemen with colleagues in august. one of the amecan personnel said to us, and i thought quite wisely, iraq is yesterday's war. afghanistan is today's war. if we don't act pr
-month manhunt ended thanks to a motel manager who was watching "america's most wanted." stephanie sy reports. >> reporter: after more than a month on the lam, paul her ring was arrested saturday night. the 35-year-old is accused of gunning down his twin cities, elderly aunt, and cousin's 6-year-old daughter on thanksgiving. >> i'm really happy that, you know, the monster's in a cane. >> reporter: after months of plastering florida neighborhoods with wanted posters, it was a few seconds on tv that led to the arrest. the owners of the motel saw his picture flash on-screen during a commercial for "america's most wanted." >> there was no doubt because we have a big-screen tv in the house. it just shocked him to the core and he came up front and he says, i can't believe this, but he's upstairs. >> reporter: it was the fourth time the story aired on the program. with an urgent plea from john walsh. >> few stories have made me as angry or as sad as our first case tonight. >> reporter: in 20 years, "america's most wanted" has helped to put more than 1,000 criminals behind bars. >> have you seen jayc
questions arising over whether america can end it by august. that story and a statistics out of iraq since the u.s. troops began fighting there more than six years ago. plus, elephant gone crazy, pilgrims at a religious ceremony running for their lives after one of the main participants runs amok. wait until you hear what startles him next. i keep track of my entire business on this spreadsheet... and all of these. paid invoices go right here. bang! - that hasn't been paid yet. - what? - huh-uh. - all my business information is just a phone call away-- to my wife... who's not answering. announcer: there's a better way to run your business. intuit quickbooks online organizes your business in one place. it easily creates invoices and helps you stay on top of your business anytime, anywhere. this is way better. get a 30-day free trial at intuit.com. >> a fokts news be-- a fox news weather alert. a winter storm has the nation in an icy grip and from the look of things not likely to go away soon. take a look the northeast and great lakes region are getting the worst of it. parts of young coul
, equipped him with those explosives,nd directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: a troubled nation racked by poverty and insurrection, yemen has seen more and more radicals operate within its borders as a weak central government struggles to contain the threat. >> that's worrying. the idea that yemen is turning into a base for international terrorist operations, not just regional terrorist operations. >> reporter: this weekend david petraeus, america's top commander in the region, was in yemen coordinating strategy and pledging to more than double the $67 million in counterterror american aid already being sent there. today a top official says american help won't stop there. >> military action is possible in yemen? >> everything is possible as far as our cooperation with the yemeni government. >> reporter: as he wraps up his time in hawaii, the president plans to meet tuesday in washington with the nation's intelligence and security leaders to review what he has called human and systemic failures that almost led to a disaster on christmas morning. and lester, joh
's interesting here is they're trying to use the bully pulpit of america to force these other countries and to force the airlines into having more enhanced screenings. the pilot authority, as you said, is still going to be highly discretionary as to what goes on in the cabin. what could be a potential loophole in these rules. if somebody from -- one of the rules covers somebody who is going to any of these suspect countries as well as if they carry a passport from that country. but it's only if they have flown to these countries. doesn't take in whether or not they may have traveled there by surface transportation. >> and of course, mark, the obama administration must have known about all of these changes and about what was to come here. at first they said they were just trying to keep people calm. and then the response ramped up after that. and all of these changes got into place. what are you hearing, if anything, from the administration about the handling of all of this and the timing? >> well, i mean, look, these changes wouldn't have gone into effect without the white house saying
about it on "good morning america." the snow. not a big event but snow in massachusetts for the special election. will it impact the voting? we'll show you that storm which has been dragging clouds down here and a sign of really a return to wintry weather. we've got a mild start. they are in the 40s now in mount airy. the clouds already trying to break up. we've had a few sprinkles trying to push through downtown baltimore. here's our time lapse, sunrise 7:15. so just in the last roughly hour and 45 minutes we've had a mostly cloudy start to the day. it's 39 in towson and catonsville. head back to manchester, northern carroll county, already up to 43 degrees. yes, we've had sprinkles trying to push through. the sun will break out by this afternoon and we shoot for another day in the low 50s. 52 our 2-degree guarantee. enjoy it, it will be over i -- by tomorrow and we'll talk about the chance of ice and snow in a bit. back to you. >>> the big story of the day, all new, it's all over. a 60-year tradition has ended. the mysterious visitor to edgar alan poe's grave didn't appear this mornin
is bringing brand new attention to the role that america's spy agency is playing in this dangerous area of the world. the cia undergoing major changes in recent years, agents moving choser to the front lines and playing a more direct role in our military operation as we battle militants not only in afghanistan but across the border in pakistan as well. caroline shively has been looking into that from washington. i understand the cia plays a big role in the unmanned drone program. tell us about that. >> sure, gregg. chapman is reportedly where a lot of the manage for unmanned drone strikes are originated, not the execution, not the launch, that's done elsewhere, but the guys at chapman help figure out how to target in afghanistan and across the border in pakistan. now, this attack on chapman proves how dangerous a mission it is for cia agents there, but it's also incredibly complicated. many analysts say the cia is basically orchestrating the war in pakistan, something the pakistani government denies and that the cia wasn't talk about. also important, there was another drone missile stri
america! >> julie: live and i'm julie banderas. >> gregg: and i'm gregg jarrett. several hundred more troops are on the move in the mountains of yeyz, yemeni officials say the reinforcements have been sent into two of yemen's provinces, regions that are al-qaeda's strongholds. it comes as president obama for the very first time drawing a direct link between the yemen based branch of the terrorist group and would be christmas day bomb are. >> it appears that he joined an affiliate of lakers al-qaeda and this group trained him, equipped him when those explosives and directed to attack the plane headed to america. >> gregg: molly henneberg is live in washington. molly, president says the u.s. has had its eye on al-qaeda in yiyz for a while. >> molly: yes, in the broader arabian peninsula, president said they have gone on the attack previously. take a listen. >> in recent years they bombed yemeni places. i have ordered to strengthen our with the yemeni government and working them to strike al-qaeda terrorists. >> molly: yemen in response as you were saying, has sent hundreds of troop
that plane headed for america. >> reporter: these are the most direct comments the president has made to date tieing the suspect with the al-qaeda group. republicans continue to accuse the president of mishandling the incident and not doing enough to prevent another one. the top gop senator said with terror threats, war, and a prolonged recession these are difficult days for our nation. >> what's always defined america is its ability to overcome even the most daunting difficulties. so in this new year we can be filled with new hope that our greatest challenges will be met. >> reporter: the president repeated that anyone involved in the christmas day attack will be held accountable. jennifer davis, fox 5 news. >> the president has scheduled a meeting with his intelligence chief tuesday at the white house to discuss how to prevent another major security breach, and lawmakers are calling for congressional hearings on the incident and intelligence shortcomings. >>> more disturbing allegations surrounding the airline industry. a security check point left untended for 90 minutes. officials say it h
of america's wealth, the king of the back-door bailout and secrets will be testifying tomorrow. and i am certain he will be grilled about those efforts to keep those details secret from the american people. also testifying, former treasury secretary hank paulson who was the man who sat as treasury secretary before tim geithner in that secret meeting of the nine for the t.a.r.p. giving out $10 billion at a clip with three or four paragraphs per page, an interesting day during the day. and that doesn't even begin to get into the state of the union. a big day for the president tomorrow after a divisive year. "hardball" begins right now. >>> something about mary. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. watergate, federal marshals have arrested a group of conservative activists in new orleans for allegedly trying to wiretap the office of mary landrieu. james o'keefe was the same conservative activist who became a right-wing hero for posing as a pimp. he together with three others were taken into custody after being caught trying to bug the offices of senator
. but congressman, i put it to you, that's not the way politics is done in america, is it? you spend taxpayers' money, you buy votes, you buy constituents. i but the same question to you as i did to the tea party guys, you are asking for a revolution in politics. >> you know every once in a while you need to flush the toilet. it's okay to do it and eats a good thing. we ran a very different campaign that we had no paid staff, we had all volunteers. i refused to go into debt. i refused to buy anybody free meals. i didn't even have a campaign office. but the message -- >> look, you don't like pork and you don't like earmarks. you could be accused, and anybody who grease with you in congress would be accused of not bringing home the bacon. some of your voters might not like this. and other constage win sis might not like the fact you are not pulling federal money to their ticket. have you ever thought of that. >> i think a lot of my colleagues are it wrong. people stand up and applaud. i was voted in with huge margins. i said, look, if you want somebody to bring home the pork, you are electing th
. >> john, you're making fun of me. this will show how america has changed -- >> all those forms? >> no, it's ten little questions. there are forms in spanish and also vietnamese. it tries to count every single person in america, and john mk -- there is money and power at stake. >> not a broadway show, but a national tour sponsored by the u.s. government to get america ready for the 2010 census. >> it will have enormous impact on communities all across america. >> gary locke heads up the agency that's supposed to count every single person in america. >> it's the responsibility of every single person in america, whether they're registered as a voter or not, or even whether or not they're a national u.s. citizen. >> the government is spending more than $340 million, including a massive ad campaign in 28 languages to get people to fill out this census form. at stake, power and money. congressional seats are doled out depending on a state's population, and so is $4 billion in federal funding. >> if you want your fair share, be counted, because this is money for schools, human services, for medi
in afghanistan. welcome to "bbc world ms." broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america and around the world. coming up later, iceland's credit rating is downgraded yet further after the president orders a referendum on whether to repay international debt. and some net to nexus, google unveils its own gadget to challenge apple's iphone. hello. straight back from his vacation in hawaii, president obama is right now holding a meeting with his top security and intelligence officials at the white house. on the agenda, the failures and lessons learned from the christmas day airline bomb plot over detroit. the first face-to-face meeting for the president with his advisers since the suspect allegedly tried to bring down the plane with an explosive device. with the international spotlight once again on yemen, the white house says no more guantanamo detainees will be returned to the country. 91 of the 198 people still held at guantanamo are believed to be from yemen. let's go live now to the grand foyer of the white house where mr. obama is expected to speak at any moment now. the president of sun an
at what america's strategic interests are. there are two conflicts going on there. one is with al-qaeda and the iranian peninsula. part of the larger terror problem worldwide. the other is with a group of rebels who are actually being assisted by iran. i think one thing we should be focusing on is to get the other arab states of the peninsula to work with us to prevent yemen from being further destabilize and turning into an al-qaeda base. it is in their interest to help us out. this is not simply an american pilot. we need to work with the government of yemen. it has its difficulties. it is not a wonderfully jeffersonian democratic government. it has made is deals with some of the terrorists. it is the government that is there, and american interests require that we go after al-qaeda in every way we can. martha: all right. good to see. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. trace: c-span is pressing to have cameras on hand as the house and senate work toward a compromise on health-care reform. an idea the president championed last year, but now they are trying to keep those came
their anger on america, chanting "down with usa." and that symbolizes mr. obama's deadline dilemma, sanctions can be a delicate balancing act, potentially hurting not just iran's leadership but the iranian people, injecting the american president directly into that country's volatile domestic politics. >> we've seen in just the past few days just how volatile it is right now, as well, jill, thanks. >>> president obama enjoying the final days meantime of his family vacation in hawaii, but next week it is back to work in chilly washington. and frankly, he may find it chilly in more ways than one. as the president prepares to enter his second year in office, ed henry takes a look at year one, and whether the president tried to do too much, too soon. >> reporter: as the president rests up for his second year in office, one of his closest allies here in hawaii is expressing concern about the pace of year one. >> i think he's done exceedingly well, although as one who has been there for 50 years now, he is pushing himself too hard. >> reporter: the charge he has too much on his plate usually comes
in the arabian pensual yea trained him and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. this is not the first time this group targeted us. in recent years they bombed yemeni government facilities, restaurants and embassies including our embassy in 2008, killing one american. so as president, i've made it a priority to strengthen our partnership with the yemeni government, training and equipping their security forces, sharing intelligence and working with them to strike al qaeda terrorists. >> in his party's weekly address, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell delivered an upbeat look for the new year. mcconnell says despite last year's serious challenges, he has no doubt the american people will see better days. >> two long and difficult wars, a prolonged recession, double-digit unemployment, these are difficult days for our nation. and in this new year, we're grateful for the courageous men and women of our own day who keep a lonely watch to defend the cause of liberty. we're also painfully aware of how many americans were out of work this christmas. but these challe
america, europe, elsewhere to try to talk about improving their security for the airports that feed the u.s. and today the prime minister of britain, gordon brown, said he's going to look now, again, at airport security there and may start using in the uk these full-body imaging scanners. it will be interesting to watch how this works, david. getting europeans to increase their airport security to make airline travel safer here has been a very tough road. for example, after 9/11, michael chertoff, the secretary of homeland security, said we need to get the list of passengers on planes that are leaving from europe to the united states before the plane leaves. and they said, no, we can't do that. now we get them about an hour before the flights leave. but that took months and months and actually over a year, maybe two years, of constant lobbying and cajoling to get the european parliament to come around. that was after 9/11, after a successful terror attack. the question here will be after what was thank heavens an unsuccessful terror attack will european authorities be willing to take thes
to attack the plane headed for america. >> reporter: these are the most direct public comments the president made, tieing the suspect with the al qaeda group. the republicans continue to accuse the president of mishandling the incident and not doing enough to prevent another one. in the republican weekly radio and internet response, the top gop senator said with terror threats, war and a prolonged recession, these are difficult days for our session. -- nation. >> what defined america is the ability to overcome even the most daunting difficulties. in this new clear, we can be filled with new hope and optimism our greater challenges will be met. >> reporter: the president called for an end to partisanship and political sniping on the issue and repeated anyone involved in the christmas day attack will be held accountable. president obama has scheduled a meeting with his intelligence chief on tuesday to discuss how to prevent another major security breach and lawmakers are calling for hearing on the incident and intelligence shortcomings. thank you. >>> as for the christmas day bomb plot investi
intelligence information with the nation today, and now he and others want to know why america's intelligence agencies failed to share that information with each other. today president obama revealed for the first time what many had suspected since the attempted bombing on christmas day, al qaeda was behind it. >> it appears that he joined an affiliate of al qaeda and that this group, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, trained him, equipped him with those explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: the president says that the suspect, umar abdulmutallab, made his al qaeda contacts and received his training in yemen, a country wracked by poverty and an ongoing civil war. now fertile ground for extremists driven from strongholds in afghanistan and elsewhere. >> there's really basically a de facto safe haven for islamic terrorists and the yemeni government is almost powerless to stop them from operating. >> reporter: after getting initial reports earlier this week, mr. obama has called a face-to-face meeting with top officials set for tuesday at the white ho
behind bars after more than a month on the lam. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. we begin with the closing of the u.s. and british embassies in yemen. this is a result of threats by al-qaeda in that region. officials say al-qaeda and others are still plotting against american interests. malini wilkes is joining us now with the latest developments. she has been following them in washington. hi. >> hi. both the u.s. and british closed their embassies in yemen because of the al-qaeda threat. white house counterterror advisor john brennan says he is not going to take chances with the lives of diplomats and he says the yemeni government is providing support. brennan is heading the white house review of the attack on the detroit-bound plane. he told "fox news sunday" u.s. intelligence failed to connect the dots. he says there was no smoking gun, no definitive intelligence that was ignored and no sign that agencies refuse to cooperate with each other. >> in the review so far, there is no indication whatsoever that any agency or depa
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